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David Abbot is a certified Geologist with over 40 years of Experience specializing In Hydrology, groundwater supply and ground water Flows. Our highly Trained Field Technicians Survey your land using advanced Geo-technical Instrumentation. These High-tech scans dramatically decrease the unfortunate event of drilling a dry hole.

Our Pricing

- Three 300ft lines $1800

- 1/2 day exploratory $2900

- Full day @ $3900

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Surveying 4 Water offers two survey methods to identify potential groundwater-bearing zones in which to construct a well. The Very Low Frequency (VLF) method and a magnetometer instrument for measuring the earths magnetic field.

The VLF method can detect conductive or resistive zones at depths up to 300 meters. There are VLF transmitters around the world operated by the U.S. Government for communication and geological analysis in the 5 to 30 kilohertz range. The VLF instrument measures the strength of a VLF signal, called the primary field, and compares it to the strength of a secondary field induced by the primary field in conductive bodies at depth. With this method we are able to see the geological structures beneath the surface by their differences in conductivity. The longer the transect, the deeper conductivity contrasts can be seen. In areas of hard rock, only the fractures in the rock may yield enough water for a well. The contrast between the low conductivity of the hard rock and the high conductivity of the groundwater in a fracture allows the fracture to be detected. In sedimentary rock, the contrast will be between the low conductivity of clay and the high conductivity of saturated sand and gravel strata. Despite the good success rate of this method, Surveying 4 Water cannot guarantee water will be found in the recommended target zones. Mineralized zones are also good conductors and these zones may not contain groundwater. A typical conductivity profile is shown below. Blue represents non-conductive zones and red represents very conductive zones. Drilling targets are selected by conductivity and breadth.

Science In Action

With VLF data and advanced color profiling software we are able to see the geological structures beneath the surface. Within Hard Rock locations the only area on the property that will contain enough water for a well is a fracture. We can identify the shape, size and density of the fractures that travel through your property. This is a proven method that takes the guess work out of drilling. Drilling is very expensive, so you need to insure that you are getting the most water for your money and minimizing your risk of drilling a dry hole. Our scans will insure that you are getting the maximum results capable on your property.

Our surveys are the most effective in the industry. With our 2 step system (VLF finds the Targets and the MAGNETOMETER verifies the targets) A computer generated survey shows the water-bearing formations, depth and where to drill.

VLF elliptical and tilt data (shown above) is processed with several special computer software programs to generate color profiles (shown below) identifying under ground water targets.

What is VLF Sonar?

Very low frequency sound waves.


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Three 300 FT SURVEY LINES $1,800

Half day exploration $2,900.00

Full day exploration $3,900.00

LARGER PROPERTIES: Our price structure is based on the property that can be surveyed. Some terrain might be difficult for us to survey and will be even more difficult for the drilling company to access with their equipment. Please contact our office to discuss the details and survey options that we have available. For any property that is larger than 10 acres we can offer an exploratory survey. This allows us to cover more ground but we will sacrifice some of the detail that we would get on a standard ground water survey. This is a cost effective way to find water on large  acreages. Many parcels do not require a survey of the entire parcel. Please contact our office so we can discuss your needs and give you some cost effective options. There may be additional Travel and Lodging charges depending on your location. Please contact our office for an accurate quote. Please let our office know if your property is cross fenced or has electrical power lines on or near the property.

(928) 853-8247